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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Mike Thaller for CDP Controller!
Why is Mike Thaller the only choice for CDP controller if the Party is to thrive under a new chair and set of officers?


I’ve been speaking to clubs, central committees, and regions.  I have found that virtually all of us are concern about is the influence of dark money on the party and how it is like a cancer that is eating away at th prty and swinging it towards being just another step towards corporate rule.

All three of the candidates for chair talk about weaning the dark money from the party so that we can live up to the name “Democratic Party,” which literally means “The party of the regular people.”

If we are to succeed the new chair will need a controller who shares their drive and concern and will work with them instead of avoiding the topic. I’ve been talking about this as Chair of the Progressive Caucus.  It is now time to put those words into action.  If you agree, there is only one choice for Controller.

Mike Thaller



What is in this Issue?
1. Why is Mike the only choice for controller?
Is he qualified?  (Yes he is)
2. Do you Believe?  (Of course you do)


For the CDP to Thrive There is Only One Choice for Controller – Mike Thaller.

We are at a crossroads.  The country is under the grip of the Trump-Republican Regime.  As “The Party of the People” we have an obligation and an opportunity to thrive.  What we need to do is be the party of the people.  That is the core principle behind my run for Controller of the California Democratic Party.

Democrats and Progressives around the state and even those of us in the party are often frustrated by the difference between what we stand for and what and who we sometimes support.  We need to start weaning out the dark, corporate money from the party so that our members and our donors and our voters will see our sincerity and vote and contribute.

  • As controller I am very concerned about the influence of corporate money on the CDP and the resulting lack of influence on the CDP by the delegates, Caucuses, Central Committees, regular donors, and voters when “dark” corporate money from the likes of “Big Oil” or “Big Pharma” or “Big Insurance” are involved.
  • Not all corporations are “dark.” We need to start replacing dark moneywith money from those that conform to the values of the people and support them so we can reduce control of the party by lobbyists that represent interests that are contrary to the best interests of the people.
  • We all agree that the party needs to be transparent in where we get and how we spend money.More importantly, we need to pay attention to that transparency and make it known through our committees and caucuses when we see that the party is supporting, candidates, bills, or propositions that are counter to our ideals.

I am never asked if I am actually qualified for the position.  I was a controller in my professional life in the film and video production industry.  I am the treasurer of two Federal PACs and one State PAC.   As co-founder/spokesman for the CDP “Caucus of Caucuses” and as Chair of the Progressive Caucus I’m connected to the ideals and issues that matter to us – the members of the Party.
WE are the Democratic Party!

We have a Choice!  I am the only candidate for Controller that, with the new CDP Officers, will work towards weaning the Dark Money from our party and restoring us to being the Party of the People.
Mike Thaller for Controller of the California Democratic Party



If you agree that the party needs to move back to the people and away from big corporations…

…Please support and vote for Mike Thaller for CDP Controller at the CDP Convention this May.
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Transparency, Accountability,
Positive Branding, Unity, Access,
Coalition Building, listening,
Bottom up and top down organization.
We are the CDP!

Mike Thaller, Chair
The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party


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