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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



#TheEricIKnow has been a personal friend for over thirty (30) years.

#TheEricIKnow is a pilot.  Why do I say that?  Because when I ran for Chair of the LA County Democratic Party my goal was to turn what was essentially an elected Democratic Club into a real Political Party.  I was asked by a friend if I could be satisfied with building a “plane” that someone else would fly.  I said “yes”, served two terms, and built that “plane”, taking a $10,000 dollar a year organization to a $50,000 dollar per year organization.  I built a “plane” that was getting ready for take-off, when Eric succeeded me as Chair, with my support.

#TheEricIKnow, took that plane and flew it to spectacular heights, endorsing in scores of non-partisan races in a county of over 80 cities, multiple school boards, and an insane number of special districts.  But that’s not all.

#TheEricIKnow turned that $50,000 dollar a year organization into a nearly $2,000,000.00 dollar a year organization, going from one part-time staff person to multiple employees, consultants, and interns, repeatedly winning national awards for its slate sheets and other election activities, and turning dozens of seats from red to blue.

#TheEricIKnow cares deeply about bringing youth into the political system, insuring the founding and chartering of multiple Young Democratic Clubs.  He sponsored Rules changes making the Chartering process more friendly for Young Democratic Clubs.

#TheEricIKnow has a nearly unbounded ability to get things done.  He helped oversee the development and passage of a deal that broke a two year log jam in reforming the endorsement process which resulted in reducing the number of appointees that elected officials could appoint in other members districts (so-called “out-of-district” appointments), and thus effect the endorsement process, by about 75%.

#TheEricIKnow is one of only two people I think even come close to having the same breadth of knowledge of the Party’s Rules and History as it’s Lead Rules Chair (that’s me, by the way!).

#TheEricIKnow cares deeply about insuring fairness in the political process, having helped Charter a Democratic Club founded by Senator Sanders’ supporters, when others sought to delay that process on purely technical grounds.

#TheEricIKnow personally endorsed and campaigned strongly for the candidate for DNC Chair that most of the California DNC delegation voted for, Representative Keith Ellison.

And, #TheEricIKnow is the one I believe best able to lead this Party and continue to increase Democratic victories from Water Boards and Health Districts on up to the Governorship and US Senate seats.
Finally, #TheEricIKnow is the man for whom I will be voting for Chair of the California Democratic Party.

I hope you will with join me!


Garry S. Shay
Member, DNC Executive Committee, and
Lead Chair Rules Committee, California Democratic Party
Titles for Identification Purposes Only
Facebook: Garry Shay
Twitter: @IrishWarriorDem