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TJ Cox for Congress


 We have about one month to execute our FINAL get-out-the-vote efforts and spread the word about TJ’s platform to voters in the Central Valley.

Meanwhile, David Valadao, Paul Ryan, and their Republican super PACs are doing everything possible to stop us — including through an all-out smear campaign against TJ on the airwaves.

We call it the “Valadao strategy.” He has no record to run on, so he’s resorting to deceitful smears and scare tactics to try and keep this seat red. Oh, and he’s BANKING on voters staying home and never hearing that he’s voted with Trump 99% of the time in Congress — it’s his only chance to win.

We’re fighting back, Michael — on the airwaves, on the doors, and (most importantly) with our values. We need your help in these final weeks to make sure we can let every last undecided voter know that there’s an alternative in California’s 21st district. Can you chip in a donation before the end of the night?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Valadao is a politician who has voted to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Californians. TJ has spent the last decade investing in clinics that provide health care access to thousands in need in the Central Valley.

The misleading and, frankly, disgusting ads that Valadao is running against TJ Cox are only meant to distract from the fact that his agenda is the opposite of what Californians really want to see from Washington.

Help us fight back. Chip in $10 or more right away to help send Democrat TJ Cox to represent us in our nation’s capital >>


Team TJ