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President Trump and his advisors are playing with the well-being of children. We’ve already seen the heartbreaking trauma caused by the administration’s heartless family separation policy and we know that detention can have a long-term impact on children’s mental health.


A long-standing court order, called the Flores settlement, currently prevents the federal government from detaining immigrant children for more than 20 days while their asylum requests are processed.


But this spring, President Trump initiated the cruel and inhumane “zero tolerance” policy, indefinitely detaining any adult who crossed the U.S. border seeking asylum. And because the federal government couldn’t legally detain children indefinitely, administration officials made the monstrous decision to separate families instead.


Thanks to an outcry from supporters like you, the Trump administration stopped ripping away kids from their parents — but the zero tolerance policy remains in effect and now, they’re trying to change the rules to detain families indefinitely.

I’ve sued the Trump administration to end the zero tolerance policy and stop the indefinite detention of families who came to the U.S. fleeing violence and persecution. I need you with me in this fight. Can you chip in $5 now to show you’re standing alongside me?

We cannot allow children to be further harmed by letting the federal government remove legal protections that have been in place for decades or extend the length of a child’s detention.

I’m fighting my hardest to stand up for the children affected by President Trump’s heartless immigration policies and I’m counting on supporters like you to help me keep up the fight. Contribute $5 now to ensure I can keep leading our lawsuit against the zero tolerance policy after the November election and beyond.


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