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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Everyone in California counts and everyone in our nation counts. This isn’t just something I firmly believe, it’s a requirement under our Constitution — and it’s a big reason I sued Donald Trump on behalf of our families on Monday night.

I want to take a minute to be sure you have a sense of the stakes for our state.

In announcing the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, Trump broke the law and recklessly put critical services we rely on statewide at risk, along with our representation in government.

Every person who uses public transportation counts. Everyone who wants our government to be there when natural disaster strikes count. Every parent worrying about their child’s class size counts. Every person who wants a voice in our government counts.

But all this will be on the line if the Trump Administration has its way with the Census. The citizenship question will unnecessarily stoke fear, given the way this Administration has attacked our immigrant communities.

In California, we didn’t get to be the top economy in the nation by excluding people. We got here by including everyone.

For the sake of giving voice to our California families and standing up for the rule of law, we’re saying to Donald Trump, “see you in court!”

Will you stand with me in this fight?

I invite you to read my op-ed with Secretary of State Alex Padilla to learn more about our battle ahead.

Thank You,