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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


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There’s a new dark-money PAC, and it’s exactly what is wrong with politics today. Fresno Republican Elizabeth Heng launched a distasteful attack ad, and it’s a sign of what’s to come as we get closer to election day. This PAC and others like it are going to raise millions of dollars and continue to throw mud and attack all Valley Democrats, including myself. We have to fight back and to do that I need your help.
Send a message to the political establishment — the politics of dark money and fear mongering isn’t going to work here in the Valley.



Valley families deserve better and that’s why I’m running for Congress. We need elected officials who are working to fix our broken health care system, making college affordable, rebuilding our middle class — and ending Citizens United so these dark-money PACs can no longer operate and perpetuate this kind of politics of fear.
Politics and government at the mercy of special interests is why Washington is broken and why I am not accepting any corporate PAC money. Let Washington know that politics as usual isn’t going to cut it here in the Valley by contributing to my campaign.







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