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The June 2020 Community Alliance is now online

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From The Editor

Here are links to the individual articles in this month’s online edition 
of the Community Alliance newspaper.

The Peace and Social Justice Calendar
Protests of the Killing of George Floyd
Ambush of Arias Revisited
Protest for Rent and Mortgage Relief
Supporting Small Farmers and the Community
One Fresno…Really?
Fresno May 1 Actions for Essential Immigrant Workers

A Progressive Analysis of the March 2020 Fresno Mayoral Race
World’s Immigration and Poverty under the Pandemic
Helping Fresnans to Stay Safe
Just the FAX, Please
Attack on Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Connecting the Dots: The Plan to Invade Venezuela and Kidnap or Kill the President for Big Money
Fresno’s Connection to Nicaragua
Meet Madera County’s New Public Health Officer
Reunite, Resistance, Feminism and Activism
Without Knowledge There Are No Solutions
Hotbed of Radicalism Elicits Responses
Meat Packing and the Coronavirus
Fresno’s Angry Right Very Wrong
Shelter in place? You mean all of us? Together 24/7? EEK!
Growing Up Black in Fresno
Community Alliance Contributor George B. Kauffman Dies at 89
Robert Mezey, a Fresno Figure in the Free Speech Movement, Dies at 85

El coronavirus ataca los centros para ancianos
La Pandemia Paralela: Las Mujeres Trabajan Más Y Duermen Menos Debido Al Covid-19
1 de Mayo, Acción Dedicada a los Trabajadores Inmigrantes Esenciales y Primer Rally Virtual en Vivo
La conexión de Fresno con Nicaragua
1970’s en un rinconcito de mi corazón…
En Busca del Equilibrio Faltante