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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



TULSI 2020



On Thursday, Krystal Ball on the Hill’s show “Rising” said what we’re all thinking: 

“The country is missing out in one very important way — Tulsi Gabbard should also be on that stage.

No one else has been as effective at forcing a conversation on the failings and the future of American foreign policy. In a week that included the implosion of Afghan peace talks, the departure of the reckless hawk John Bolton and the sober remembrance of 9/11, who could be better to act as a voice of moral clarity than an Iraq combat medic who relentlessly calls out the American war machine.”

But the DNC decided that Tulsi should not be on the debate stage on Thursday night. And this was a huge loss for the American people.

Right now, we have the opportunity to prove to the DNC that it is not they who will decide who our next president will be — it’s the American people.

Our grassroots movement is growing more powerful each and every day, polling released this week proves that, but we need to show it. Can you give $3 right now to help us prove to the DNC that it is we the people who will decide who our Democratic nominee will be?

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Krystal Ball went on to speak the truth, calling Tulsi’s first and second debate performances “powerful…her righteous attack on Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor may have been the single most impactful moment of any of the debates… It’s no wonder that Tulsi was the most googled candidate on BOTH nights that she appeared.” But it’s what she said next that is even more important to remember, as it’s a reality our movement will need to continue to organize around: “Let’s also be clear none of these candidates have paid more for their beliefs than Tulsi.” 

Tulsi will never cave to what is popular if it means jeopardizing what is good for all of us. That’s why we’re with her, and that’s why we need to show our support, at this critical moment, when the powerful, corrupt, political elite are trying to silence the voice of one of the most courageous leaders our country has known in decades.

It’d be foolish to pretend Tulsi wasn’t on the debate stage for any other reason than that she’s offside with the mainstream media, the DNC and the DC establishment for daring to challenge these powerful institutions. That isn’t going to change any time soon. Tulsi isn’t afraid of the political costs that come with taking on deeply unpopular fights. She’s not afraid to go on Fox News and call out both parties for being wrong on foreign policy. Or take on Big Pharma for its predatory price gouging of prescription drugs. Tulsi has shown she’s willing to step down from a seat of power as the Vice Chair of the DNC to stay true to her convictions and to endorse Senator Sanders in 2016. And she is not going to stop fighting for all of us anytime soon.

Thank you for being part of a campaign that dreams bigger than what the establishment tells us is possible.




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