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How the GOP have been the absolute worst when it comes to women’s rights and gender equality:                                                                                                                                                                         


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There are so many reasons why Trump and his Republican Party are the worst, it’s tricky to fit them all in one email.

So this week, in “honor” of Women’s History Month, we’re bringing you a special edition of our “Worst of the Week” round-up — focused solely on how the GOP have been the absolute worst lately when it comes to women’s rights and gender equality.

Let’s start with the Violence Against Women Act. Trump and the GOP let this crucial legislation expire last month — which means domestic violence survivors across the nation are still without federal protections.

(Before we continue, I’ve got to ask: Can you chip in $20.20 or more right now to help us fight back against the GOP’s relentless assaults on women’s rights? Thanks!)

On top of letting the VAWA expire, Trump’s administration also just finalized a domestic gag rule that would deny federal funds to any organization that refers or provides abortion related care. It’s an unconscionable attack on women’s rights that will cost lives — and we are proud that California’s Attorney General has already joined with other states to challenge it in court.

And we can’t forget the brave transgender women and men serving our country who may have their livelihood stripped from them thanks to Trump’s hateful and illogical transgender military ban — or the immigrant mothers who continue to be cruelly separated from their children by Trump’s administration.

I know that these developments are disheartening. And I know there are countless more women affected by the Trump administration’s seemingly endless attacks on our rights.

But here’s another thing we know: Our success in 2018 proves that when women (and men) come together, we win.

So, let’s channel our anger towards winning in 2020 and taking our government back from the GOP attacking women and our rights. Chip in $20.20 right now to be a part of it.


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Jenny Bach
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