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Add your name to help Democrats defeat the GOP’s health care bill — again:


When we defeated Trumpcare last month, we knew the GOP wasn’t done trying to take our care away.

Well, Republicans are back with a new Obamacare repeal bill. It’s just as disastrous as before — so we’re going to need to rally together to stop it again.

This new bill — a “compromise” between the really extreme and totally extreme wings of the GOP — would still allow insurance companies to leave people with pre-existing conditions out in the cold. As for essential health benefits like doctor’s visits and maternity care, this new plan just kicks the ball over to the states — so if you live in a state with a Republican governor or legislature, you could be out of luck.

And when it comes to jacking up premiums for seniors and cutting $880 billion from Medicaid — two of the main reasons the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected that 24 million Americans would lose their health coverage — nothing has changed at all.

At the end of next week, Donald Trump will mark 100 days in office without much to show for it. Republicans are desperate to give him a big, shiny trophy to wave around — so they’re talking about rushing this new health care debacle through Congress in the next few days.

Last time, the GOP thought they could jam through a disastrous repeal bill before we could stop it. We proved them wrong.

Let’s do it again. Say you’re ready to stop the GOP and protect affordable care:

Thanks — more on this to come.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee