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This is what democracy looks like!

I’m still reeling from the incredible high from marching with 36,000 other grassroots activists at this year’s Sacramento Women’s March. I stood alongside DREAMers and survivors and advocates of all stripes.

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The Women’s Marches are a beautiful show of solidarity, resistance and the sheer power of grassroots organizing. With every step, we are creating a generation of leaders, activists, and fighters who know that we are greatest when we raise our voices. I loved seeing the boys and girls with signs like “If you build a wall, my generation will tear it down!” and “Tweet Women With Respect”.

But by far, my favorite sign was one I saw everywhere: The Future Is Female. Michael, we have the future of California’s 4th district in our hands!

March On!


P.S. We know that #TeamBateson is a nationwide effort. To include all the folks who couldn’t join us in Sacramento, activists across the US tweeted their signs, videos, chants, and all sorts of photos – check more of them out on Twitter #MarchingWithBateson.