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I just walked off the stage at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Celebration.  I heard many other candidates offer their vision for the future of America, and, honestly, they’re presenting 20th Century solutions to 21st Century problems.  
Each time I come back to Iowa, more and more people are catching on to the reality on the ground.  The economy here already shed many manufacturing jobs, and the retail sector is losing more and more jobs to Amazon each year.  Iowa is also home to the biggest truck stop in the country – Iowa 80.  Trucking jobs, as well as jobs that support that industry, will dry up in the next 5-10 years as self-driving trucks start to take to the roads.
This isn’t a problem for the future – it is a problem that many Americans are living through right now.  We need to implement the Freedom Dividend of $1,000/month as soon as possible so that we can help Americans transition through this difficult time.  It will give them the freedom to start a business and follow their dreams.  The freedom to save for a house.  The freedom to move for a new opportunity.  The freedom from needing to choose between paying medical bills or buying food for their kids.  In short, the freedom to live.

Please help me continue to fight to give people the freedom to live their lives free of economic scarcity by donating $10 today.

Together, we can end poverty and unlock the potential of all Americans by investing in our people, families, and communities.
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