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Democrats/Join us.

The Democratic Party recently sent out our official 2019 DNC Priorities Survey — and thousands of committed Democrats stepped up to respond. By making your voices heard, this incredible team of grassroots supporters helped strengthen our party and prepare our organization to take on Trump and Republicans in 2020.

I personally reviewed the results of these surveys, and it was inspiring to read about the goals that Democrats are most passionate about achieving in the months and years ahead. Here are a few highlights of what committed supporters like you had to say about their hopes for the future of our party:

  • Grassroots Democrats are proud of the historic victories we won together in 2018, and are ready to continue that momentum in the years ahead. Not only did our party flip the House and win seats nationwide — we also elected a historically diverse slate of candidates. Democratic candidates for governor, Senate, House, and state legislatures broke down barriers everywhere, and that success was made possible by supporters like you.
  • Democrats want the issues of health care for all, defending the environment, and leveling the economic playing field to stay front and center. In 2018, Democrats ran and won on these core principles, and as the 2020 cycle begins, the DNC will continue to amplify that message of dignity and respect for all.
  • The most important priority for the years ahead is winning back the White House in 2020. The DNC is laser-focused on continuing to build the party infrastructure necessary to unseat Donald Trump by electing a Democrat to the Oval Office. By making early investments in community organizing, cutting-edge technology for state parties, and critical voter protection efforts, the DNC is working around the clock to provide the strongest possible support to our eventual Democratic nominee.

If anything was made clear by the responses to this year’s survey, it’s that when grassroots Democrats make their voices heard and seize ownership of our party, the Democratic Party is stronger for it. Your support is what made victory possible in 2018, and I’m excited to see what the powerful movement we’ve built together will accomplish in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for being a part of this team,


Seema Nanda
Chief Executive Officer
Democratic National Committee