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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Our national clean car standards — essential to curbing toxic air pollution — are under attack.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is refusing to do his job to enforce these standards our environment depends on. In California, we’re not going to stand for this.

That’s why I’m fighting now in court, leading a coalition of 17 states, to sue Pruitt.

But, I need your help.

The EPA’s trying to fool Americans into thinking these standards aren’t achievable. The facts show otherwise.

The clean car standards we’re fighting to keep reduce carbon pollution equivalent to 134 coal power plants burning for one year. These standards are critical to protecting the air our children breathe, the cost of cars and our fight against climate change.

Will you chip in $5, so we can win this battle for our California families?

The EPA’s trying to curtail the environmental progress we’ve made. But in California, this marks our 10th lawsuit against the EPA, and we haven’t lost one fight.

With your help, we can achieve yet another win for our children — and planet!

Can I count on your support?


Thank You,