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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Mike Thaller for CDP Controller!
The CDP fined $$$.
Why It Means We Need a “squeaky clean” Controller


I’m writing because something happened a couple days ago that may influence your consideration of who you vote for as CDP Controller.

Mike Thaller

What is in this Issue?
1. Clean Money – Clean Future -Clean Controller.
2. Do you Believe?  (Of course you do)


The CDP has been fined for mishandling “Dark” Funds. You can see the details from the LA Times.  In any case, Dark money is tarnishing our reputation and eventually could be the downfall of the Democratic Party as the voters ask, “Is there really a difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party?”

This is another reason why we must have a Controller who has never raised money from corporations and lobbyists who don’t agree with our platform or our resolutions.

We need a Controller who, along with the rest of the new CDP officers, especially the new Chair, will start the process of weaning Dark Money out of the Party.

We need a Controller that can not be accused of a conflict of interest.

Please consider that I stand for empowering the regular people of the Democratic Party (AKA:us.)  Consider also that I have experience as a Controller in my professional Career.
WE are the Democratic Party!


Mike Thaller

If you “Believe” please consider donating and/or endorsing at

If you agree that the party needs to move back to the people and away from big corporations…

…Please support and vote for Mike Thaller for CDP Controller at the CDP Convention this weekend.
Contribute and/or Endorse.
Please don’t contribute or endorse if there may be the appearance of a conflict of interest

Forward to a Friend!


Transparency, Accountability,
Positive Branding, Unity, Access,
Coalition Building, listening,
Bottom up and top down organization.
We are the CDP!

Mike Thaller, Chair
The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party