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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Thank You, People of the Democratic Party!
Thank You for Your Support!

…from Mike Thaller, recent candidate for CDP Controller & past chair of the Progressive Caucus.
 I would like to say, “THANKS!” to my fellow CDP delegates for your support.  That includes those of you who voted to endorse me, those of you who voted for me for Controller at the Convention, those of you who donated to our campaign, and especially those of you who helped me with my campaign…
…and those of you who did none of the above.
There is something I would like to ask of you that needs to be done ASAP if you agree.


We didn’t win, but we accomplished a lot.
The fact is that I had two platform items as I ran for Controller.Platform Item One was to start the process of weaning the party from its dependence on “Dark Money.”  Dark Money is defined as money that comes in from those industries and individuals that are in opposition to the CDP Platform and Resolutions.  The money is “Dark” because, while it is a matter of public record, the party doesn’t talk about it.  When we walk precincts and hear people say, “There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans”  This is the kind of thing they are referring to.  I have spoken at fundraisers with some big ticket donors and they have told me that they will not donate to the CDP as long as it makes no move to be the party of the people instead of just another party of the corporate money.Very early in the campaign I was warned that mentioning Dark Money would virtually guarantee that the party itself would not support me and make it very difficult to win.  I decided that the problem was so big that it was worth the risk.

Platform Item Two is related to item one in that the influence of Dark Money has resulted in the CDP being a Top-Down organization.  We work on a platform and resolutions, but in the big picture, they have almost no teeth.  My platform item is to “Empower the people of the Democratic Party.”  In other words, the organization of the party is to have the our ideals become the ideals of the party in a two way, Top-Down and Bottom-Up. organization.
So what did we accomplish
I spoke all over the state (but, sadly couldn’t afford to go everywhere.) Without exception everywhere I spoke the “grassroots” members of the party enthusiastically received my message.  I was especially was gratified by the incredible reception to my speech at the convention.  What we accomplished regarding platform item one is that ‘Dark Money” became a discussion item that we are now all aware is a problem that needs to be dealt with.  Once we start working on the weaning process the California Democratic Party will become the party our voters expect it to be.  Getting the loyalty and votes of the voters is the primary purpose of the CDP and the County Committees.

I noticed that most of the officer candidates incorporated “weaning Dark Money out of the party” into their speeches.  Even John Burton mentioned it in his outgoing speech at the Sunday general session.  It is no longer something we just don’t talk about!
…and what’s Next?
There is still the matter of empowering the people of the Democratic Party.  Standing Committee members and Chairs are now to be selected by all five of the officers.  I have asked all five of them to consider me to be Chair or Co-Chair of the Organizational Development (O&D) Committee.  It is the logical place for me to do the most good given my platform of a two way organization and my experience as Caucus Chair and co-founder/spokesman for the “Caucus of Caucuses.”

It would be a big help if you could endorse me for that role.  The email addresses of the 5 new officers is at: as follows.  Please drop them a line.

Chair, Eric Bauman
Vice-Chair (female,) Alex Rooker:
Vice Chair (male,) Daraka Larimore-Hall: No email listed yet.
Secretary: Jenny Bach:
Controller: Dan Weitzman:

Yes some of the positions are under audit, but it is very likely that this group will be making the appointments even if they are eventually replaced.

Hurry, the appointments are likely to be made soon after next Wednesday (June 7.)
We are the Democratic Party!


Mike Thaller, Immediate Past Chair
The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party
and former candidate for CDP Controller