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Asif Mahmood

When we first launched this campaign, we knew it would be an uphill battle.

It was my first time running for political office, and I wanted to run a people-powered campaign that didn’t rely on donations from pharmaceutical or insurance corporations. That put me at a disadvantage, but it let me run the campaign I knew I wanted to.

But from that small beginning, we made enormous progress, thanks to the incredible support online and in person from people like you. Team Asif had grassroots supporters from every single county, and from hundreds of thousands of voters around the state

Whether you donated to our campaign, came to events, or just shared my message of standing up for all Californians, your support motivated me and kept me going every day on the campaign trail.

Together, we have accomplished so much and even though last night did not turn out how we hoped it would, I’m so proud of the work we all did together.

I ran for office for the same reason I became a physician: I believe in doing all I can to help people. Last night’s results won’t change that, and I’ll still be working every day to help my fellow Californians however I can.

Thank you for your incredible support, and keep up the fight for all Californians.

Dr. Asif Mahmood