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I know that we have asked a lot recently.

I know that we have asked a lot recently. Please know that’s because these messages account for the overwhelming majority of the contributions we receive, and that your support means so much to what we are trying to do on this campaign.

At some point in the next few days, we are going to release how much money we’ve raised and how many contributions make up that amount.

I think those numbers will make you very proud.

When we talk about a political revolution, we are also talking about transforming our corrupt campaign finance system into one that does not require candidates to go around begging Wall Street, fossil fuel lobbyists, and pharmaceutical executives for outrageous sums of money in order to win elections.

And on this campaign we are proving to everyone that if you speak to the needs of working people, young people and the most vulnerable in our society, if you are honest about the need for transformational change and give people a role in making it happen, they will respond.

I am humbled by the kind of support we are receiving, and the incredibly large number of small donations that we have received. You have made it happen.

Thank you for being part of the political revolution.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders




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