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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

A very big thank you for your support in last night’s primary election!

I believe the results prove that in California, we overwhelmingly value fairness and opportunity and a track record of fighting and winning for our families.

Our campaign couldn’t have gotten here without you. I’m deeply grateful for every step you took, whether it was to make phone calls, join us at a rally or to show support us in other ways.

I take the responsibility of protecting California families and our values very seriously. I’m humbled to have earned this opportunity to move to the general election.

As attorney general, I keep the experiences of hardworking families like the one I grew up in in mind. And it’s my job to always fight to ensure that everyone who works hard deserves a chance to get ahead.

But as voters, we have a job to do, still. While we head into November with great momentum, our fight isn’t over and there is much work to do

I hope we can continue to build support to see all of our fights across the finish line. I was honored to receive Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones’s support today and I hope you will help encourage your friends and family to stand with me in this next chapter of our campaign.


With deep gratitude,