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Hi Team,

I’m Jossie, Elizabeth’s Massachusetts State Director. I’ve been on Team Warren for a long time — and it’s easy to explain why:

Back when Elizabeth and I first met, the issue of Puerto Rico brought us together. She was ringing the alarm nationally for my home community, and after the hurricane, she said something that really resonated with me: “Jossie, stay close; we need to get this done.”

And now, I’ll say the same to you: Stay close, we need to get this done.

One of the best ways to stay close to the campaign and keep up-to-date on Elizabeth’s plans and events is by signing up to receive periodic text messages from the campaign — all you have to do is sign up or text JOSSIE to 24477 right now.

Elizabeth brings people together. I was raised in a Puerto Rican household that was big on politics, and from the first time I met her I knew I could be myself with her — you can tell she’s as authentic as they come.

And her message has always been the same — make sure we stick together to get this work done and fight for the things we believe in. Everyday that message is amplified, growing our grassroots movement, and now it’s bigger than any of us.

And we’re only just getting started. If you’re ready to be a part of this, I hope you’ll sign on now to receive periodic text messages from me about events in your area, policy announcements, and how you can stick with us to get this work done.

Elizabeth has been a champion for all of us, for all geographies and all constituencies in Massachusetts and across the country — which isn’t always easy. But that’s what makes it easy to be on her side — and I’m so proud to see this team growing so quickly, our movement expanding every single day.

She’s substance, not fluff. She has real solutions to real problems. And I want to share more about why I’m in this fight with you. Text JOSSIE to 24477 now to learn more about me, Elizabeth, and how to be a part of this grassroots movement.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my story and why I’m on Team Warren.

Talk soon,


Jossie Valentin
Massachusetts State Director
Warren for President

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