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If the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions think they can bully and intimidate our state to turn against immigrant families, I’ve got three words for them: Bring it on.

I believe that our government must respect and protect the civil rights and dignity of all people — something that the Trump Administration refuses to do. That’s why I support our state’s sanctuary laws and will defend them as your governor. It is not the job of local law enforcement to turn the cogs on President Trump’s deportation machine.

Tearing families apart doesn’t make our communities safer. Neither does Attorney General Sessions’ decision to sue California and challenge states’ rights. We must fight back.

California gets to decide who we are and what we believe in. If you agree that we should protect our state’s sanctuary laws and that immigrants deserve a pathway to citizenship, join me in telling the Trump Administration to stop the political attacks on our state.

Attorney General Sessions’ lawsuit against our state is just the latest example of this Administration’s hateful and racially charged rhetoric that aims to rip millions of families apart.

We’re fighting for what American laws should stand for. We had laws that discriminated against African-Americans; that discriminated against Asians; that treated women as second-class citizens. This is the battle of the 21st century today.

Californians are the visionaries; we’re the fighters. And we’re employing an argument that even Republicans and conservatives will understand. We’re fighting for our state’s right to make our own laws and set our own path.

Instead of heartlessly attacking our immigrant communities, President Trump and his Administration should be working to provide immigrant families with real solutions and a pathway to citizenship. If you agree, add your name now.

Thanks for standing with me,


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