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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

This week, the Golden State Warriors did California proud by winning the NBA championship. Now’s their chance to do us proud again.

California has one of the most diverse populations in the country, and the Warriors’ fans are some of the most diverse in the league.

When President Trump invites the Warriors to stand with him in photo ops at the White House, they should stay in California and celebrate with us instead.

I’m encouraging the Golden State Warriors to decline President Trump’s invite — and I want you to join me. Will you sign the petition?

Warriors players David West and Stephen Curry both spoke out after Trump’s election, standing with their fans.

And earlier this year, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr publicly denounced Trump’s Muslim ban and his divisive rhetoric, saying, “It’s about leadership, it’s about compassion and dignity and character and treating people the right way. That’s leadership. It’s terrifying we have someone in office who espouses none of that.”

Californians have long chosen a different road than national politicians who have worked to divide us, and recent statements about Trump by members of the Warriors family are part of that tradition. They embody the spirit that makes our state so welcoming and so prosperous.

But if Warriors don’t unanimously decide to skip the trip to the White House, Trump will co-opt their victory and use the visit as an endorsement of his divisive rhetoric and agenda.

Let’s make the Warriors’ win a time for celebration and joy — not political games. Let’s give them an invitation to celebrate with us instead of Trump.

Instead of standing with President Trump, the Golden State Warriors should celebrate with their homegrown fans here in California. If you agree, sign the petition now.

Thanks for making your voice heard,