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*** No candidate for FCC District 3 has been endorsed by the FCDCC ***

Team Miller just had a great week of events and festivities.  Here’s a brief summary:

  • Monday, 4/30–  Supporters gathered at the Fulton 55 for great food and a energetic evening. Supporters from the campaign and community share why, “It’s Time for Miller in District 3”.
  • Thursday, 5/3– More supporters gathered at the Sisavangthana Center in Chinatown. Supporters from the Hmong community and others shared why they are supporting Miller for District 3.
  • Saturday, 5/5– More supporters, family and friends gathered in the backyard of Charles and Wilma Francis. The crowd was entertained by Keysha Burns-Isler and the Impromptu Band.
    • All food and refreshments for each event was provided by Catering by Shawn Brooks
    • All event announcements by Richard Ortiz of the “Fighter’s Voice”
    • All music coordination by DJ G-Man Miller

There are less than 30 days before Election Day on June 5th.  So much to do and we can use your assistance in the following ways:

  1. Make a financial contribution online at

or by mail to:

    • Committee to Elect Daren Miller
    • PO Box 4662
    • Fresno, CA 93744
  1. Volunteer at an upcoming event:
    • Sat. 5/12, 9 am– Community Canvass (meet at 853 N Arthur, 93728)
    • Sat. 5/19, 8 am– Coffee Talk- The Revue (Tower District)
    • Sat. 5/19 or 5/26– Community Celebration (TBA)
    • Sat. 6/2, 8 am– Coffee Talk (Rocio’s Mexican Food Restaurant)
    • Sat. 6/2, 10 am– Fresno Pride Booth and Parade
    • Tues., 6/5–        ELECTION DAY

We are doing well, however many hands make light work.  Team Miller needs your hands between now and June 5th to make like work of this election cycle.


There are numerous photos on all social media outlets from each event.  Thank you all for what you have done and will do for Team Miller.