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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

In politics, where you get your money from matters because a voter’s perception is the only reality that really counts in the end. Yes, an elected official can certainly take a corporation’s dollar and not be influenced. But if accepting that donation loses the confidence of supporters, it comes at too high a price.

Several months ago, I made a pledge to list all of my donors and challenged my opponent to do the same. Because the CDP Chair’s race is not for a publicly held office and the rules are set by the Party, as it stands, there’s no requirement to disclose any contribution. But I think true leaders should always do what’s right – especially when it’s our choice.

Here’s a list of all of my contributors from the start of my campaign until March 3, 2017. We’ll be continuing to add names as we get them throughout this campaign.

I am incredibly proud that my support has come from more than 650 individual donors and I think that speaks for itself. If we’re going to get the wrong kind of money – such as tobacco, Big Oil and pharma – out of our CDP politics, I think it needs to start at home with the Chair’s race.

As the saying goes, I’ve shown you mine…