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Brynne Kennedy for Congress

One. Hundred. Years.

It’s been 100 years since women earned the right to vote in this country with the adoption of the 19th Amendment.

We say “earned” because that right was not handed out. It was fought for by brave women who led the charge for equality at the ballot box, with courageous activism and a determination to see the endeavor through to the end.

The suffragists who led the charge, from Sojourner Truth to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, recognized that the right to vote was sacred. They knew that the story of our nation’s path to democracy was incomplete, that we could never be a true democracy while millions of Americans were excluded from participating.

Standing on the shoulders of giants like the suffragettes, we’ve slowly but surely progressed towards a more inclusive and more perfect union. And that work must continue.

We are seeing persistent attacks on the right to vote — especially right now, as the legitimacy of mail-in ballots is called into question. Let me be clear: The right to vote is sacred, and all eligible voters must be given the chance to make their voices heard this fall.

Our predecessors worked so hard to protect this right, and we have to work as hard as possible to keep it safe.

Michael, with the election just around the corner, it’s never been more important to protect and expand our voting rights. On the anniversary of the monumental 19th Amendment, take the pledge to work towards expanding and protecting the right to vote for all eligible voters.


Thank you — your being a part of this movement means the world to me.

— Brynne Kennedy

Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress in California’s Fourth District because she believes Americans can do more together. An accomplished businesswoman, Brynne has created new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy. As our voice in Washington, she will fight to take our government back from the corrupt special interests and will put partisanship aside to put our communities first.





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