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Amy’s 2020 Priorities Survey

Amy’s work has earned her the distinction of being the most effective Democratic senator in the 115th Congress and the reason is simple: she has an unparalleled ability to get things done. In the last Congress alone, she was the lead Democrat on 34 bills that were signed into law. 

Amy works hard to make Americans’ lives better and she is always ready to listen to people’s ideas — no matter who you are or where you’re from. That’s the work ethic she’ll bring to the White House. 

But meeting Amy on the campaign trail isn’t the only way for you to share your thoughts with her! 

Will you take Amy’s 2020 Priorities Survey and let her know what’s most important to you? 

Your input helps make sure that Amy hears the issues that matter the most to Americans as she travels around the country. 

Thank you,
Team Amy

Amy’s running a homegrown campaign. She isn’t taking any contributions from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists so we’re relying on you. 

Donate today to join our grassroots movement.