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d in its overhaul of Democratic data and tecnology.

Democrats/Join us.

I want to share an important and historic update about the future of Democratic Party data with you:

As DNC Chair, one of my top priorities has been to overhaul the party’s tech and data infrastructure and make sure we put the 2020 nominee and all of our candidates in the best possible position to take on the GOP and win. We’ve invested heavily in cybersecurity, brought in top tech talent, and we’re rebuilding our data infrastructure to give our presidential candidates completely revamped and state-of-the-art tools.

Last week, we took a major step forward in this mission when the DNC and state parties reached a landmark agreement to improve access to voter data. This agreement will unify our efforts across the Democratic and progressive ecosystem and put our candidates in the best position possible to win.

This will give all Democrats, those running for their local school board to our eventual nominee for president, a leg up on the campaign trail. It’s a recommitment to the DNC’s core mission of organizing in every ZIP code, every year, and for every level of elected office, and it will have a major impact on the success of Democratic candidates in the months and years ahead. This will allow all of us to run smarter, more efficient, and more effective campaigns.

The DNC has been playing catch up when it comes to our data and tech infrastructure — that changes now. This past election cycle, we came together to rebuild our party from the ground up, investing in grassroots organizing, data, technology, and critical party infrastructure that ultimately enabled Democrats to win historic victories across the country last November.

Last week’s data agreement is a continuation of that progress and a major step forward in our mission to elect Democrats at every level of government and in every corner of the country. If we come together to invest in strong tech assets, I know that we’ll be able to win seats nationwide this year and the White House in 2020. But our success in achieving this goal depends on you, Jeff, so your support has never been more critical.

Thanks for being a critical member of our party,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

P.S. This agreement marks a huge leap forward for our party and it’s the single best thing we could do to help our eventual Democratic nominee defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

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