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If I had a superpower, it would be to ensure that every eligible citizen registered to vote and voted in every election. That’s how we make our political voice heard in our democracy. We each have that power, right now, when we cast our vote for the leaders who we choose to represent us.

We’re even more powerful when we talk to our friends, family and community, and get them all to show up to the polls and vote for the issues we care about. The clock is ticking, and the Election is getting close.

The time is now: Register to vote. Then, ask 5 friends to verify their registration status!

Voting is our superpower!

Today, people all across the country are celebrating and registering to vote as part of National Voter Registration Day. If you’re already registered to vote, you can celebrate by verifying your registration status and making sure your registration is up to date, especially your address.

In California, we’ve fought for and now offer automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no excuse vote-by-mail — the easiest and safest way to vote this November. But it’s only because people like you elected leaders that believe in a more inclusive democracy. I know that you want your voice heard again this November.

Register to vote and make your voice heard. Then, share this message with your friends and family to make sure they’re registered too!

It’s going to take all of us.

Thank you,

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, California just passed the milestone of 21 million voters on the rolls! I’m so proud. Let’s keep the momentum going!