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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

From: Chasten Buttigieg <> 
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2019 1:43 PM
Subject: Sunday
Hi there,
I’m Chasten — Pete’s husband. 
I’m so grateful for your support — not just your support of Pete, and not just your support of me, but your support for the two of us together. It’s not always been easy. 
It’s been special to watch America get to know the man I love.
The best part of this campaign, though, has been getting to know you. Whether it’s been on a trip to New Hampshire, Iowa, or Texas, or on Twitter, or as we walked (probably quickly ????) to our gate in an airport, or even if we haven’t been introduced: the community I’ve found within the Pete for America team (that’s you!), has been truly incredible. Life-changing. 
I hope you can have the same experience as you begin to get to know other Pete for America supporters in your community, whether that be your local neighborhood, friends scattered across the country, or a group that convenes online.
This community is coming together for something; not just against something. We’re finding our voices and our courage to stand for what we believe in; to take back things like freedom, democracy, and security. 
So here’s my ask for you today:
We’re getting ready for a big announcement on Sunday, and there are over 400 watch parties planned all across the country. These watch parties are more than just places to congregate to watch Pete speak. They are important community-building moments, where we will begin to create connections and friendships that will be so important to not only this campaign, but also all of our futures.
As Pete says, this is about more than just winning an election. This is about winning an era. 
Take a look to see if there’s a watch party near you, and find the courage to RSVP: 
I totally understand; it will likely be easier or more comfortable watching from your home on your computer. There are days where all I want to do is stay put on the couch with Buddy and Truman.
But getting out there and meeting people who share our bold vision for the future is always, without fail, an encouraging and transformative experience.
Go find your people and start building bridges within your community: 
Thank you, 
P.S: I always sort of assumed someone else wrote these emails… But it turns out, it’s really me! I had some help with best practices, and for sure someone else is going to hit “send” on this. But it’s me! Be sure to keep opening; they track things like “Open Rate By Sender.” ????



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