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Kamala Harris

This is seven-year-old Myka:


After she was born, she remained in the intensive care unit for two weeks and has had two open heart surgeries. Before she turned one, Myka and her family had approximately $500,000 in medical costs.

Myka’s mom wrote to me, asking us to protect her daughter from any bill that would deny her health coverage. I want her to know that my Democratic colleagues and I won’t give up trying to protect and strengthen our nation’s health care system, no matter what the other side throws our way.

I need you to share your story about how the Senate Republicans’ new bill will affect you or someone you care about. We know the single most effective way to win this fight is to make it personal. So if you’re comfortable, please take a short moment to tell your story and I will share them with my colleagues in the Senate.

To everyone out there, please stay engaged in this fight until the very end. Next week is going to be the most important one yet and we cannot give up the calls to protect Myka and so many other children like her.

Thanks for everything you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

P.S. Memorize this number and make those calls: (202) 224–3121