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Dear Democrats,

Please read the important statement below from CDP Women’s Caucus Chair Christine Pelosi about the recent discussion on sexual harassment that is pervasive in our culture, and specifically, how it affects women working in politics.

I am absolutely committed to ensuring that our Party is a place where everyone is valued and respected, and where no woman—whether they are an activist, volunteer, elected official, party officer or staff member—is ever subjected to degrading and demeaning behavior.  This is a timely and important discussion for the entire political community and it’s one I take very seriously. As Chair Pelosi says, we will continually strive to do better.

Democratically Yours,

Eric C. Bauman, Chair

California Democratic Party

California Democratic Party Statement from CDP Women’s Caucus Chair Christine Pelosi on Sexual Harassment in Politics

San Francisco—California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Chair Christine Pelosi released the following statement responding to the growing discussion of sexual harassment in California politics:

“The last few days have made clear that the pervasive, demeaning and degrading harassment women face in political circles is a problem that goes beyond partisanship and everyone is accountable. We as Democrats must continually strive to advance equality for all. The bipartisan #WeSaidEnough movement started by Adama Iwu is a clarion call to do better immediately.

We stand by the coalition’s call for much-needed reform, including the following suggestions for workplace procedures:

  1. A confidential hotline to report incidents of harassment or abuse.
  2. An independent outside entity, staffed by professionally trained investigators, to review and make determinations on claims;
  3. Public disclosure of how tax dollars are used to adjudicate claims and settlements;
  4. A party that holds candidates and elected officials accountable to promote and maintain a safe culture for all; and,
  5. Laws that provide whistleblower and retaliation protections for all victims.

Our party should be an inclusive place where people can achieve their potential and make real contributions to a progressive future for our country. Democrats at every level must embrace a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and assault, from small clubs to our candidates to our national party. We must look to the best practices of private entities and adapt those practices to our own operations—things like anonymous hotlines for complaints and making sure investigations are handled by experienced professionals in a sensitive and comprehensive manner. And it’s incumbent upon every single one of us to build a culture that respects and values women and the contributions we have made to our Party.

We are witnessing a powerful moment where women are standing up and refusing to stay quiet about the treatment we have endured for too long. This is how change for the better starts, and our Democratic Party must stand in solidarity with the amazing women driving this long overdue and badly needed movement.”

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