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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Fiona Ma

Last Thursday, House Republicans passed a “Tax Scam,” as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the 227-205 vote, to punish California families, seniors, students, small business owners and hardworking men and women while adding $5 trillion plus to our nation’s debt.

Let’s be clear, the “bait and switch” Trump GOP House Tax Plan will:

  • Cap Home Mortgage Interest deductions
  • Limit Property Tax Interest deductions
  • Eliminate State and Local Income Tax deductions
  • Eliminate Medical Expense deductions
  • Disallow Personal Casualty Losses (like for those who have suffered losses from our many fires and wildfires)
  • Eliminate Student Loan Interest
  • Decimate the Creation of Affordable Housing

As a Certified Public Accountant since 1992, I have followed closely our nation’s call for tax reform and “trickle down” economics. Tax cuts have never paid for themselves and we should not be balancing our federal budget on the backs of our middle class.

I will never stop fighting for our shared progressive values that have made California a beacon of hope and prosperity for all people. I hope you will join me in standing against President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ cruel and mean-spirited move to keep Californians from achieving the American Dream.


In solidarity,