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Tonight, President Trump will walk the hallowed halls of the Capitol on his way to address Congress at the State of the Union.

This speech will act as a major benchmark for the Trump legacy and signal to the Republican leadership what his administration’s priorities are — something that Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan confess to never having a strong grasp on. And Rep. McClintock will be right there alongside them, putting party over the vision and values of his district, once again.

While Rep. McClintock applauds Trump’s so-called “accomplishments”, can you rush a donation to my campaign? >>

California’s 4th District deserves better than what Tom McClintock has to offer. Instead of having another lackey in Congress blindly following an extremist agenda focused on special interests, I believe that Californians should demand transparency, accountability, and good governance out of their leaders.

We deserve strong, transparent, clear leadership in Congress, Michael. Can you rush a donation to my campaign before Trump’s State of the Union ends?

It’s time to stand up and fight for our shared values. We need fresh, courageous leadership in Congress that fights for us, not for DC special interests.

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