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Sign our card to welcome the Democratic Party’s new CEO, Jess O’Connell.


From my very first day as Chair, we’ve been on a mission to rebuild and reshape the Democratic Party from the grassroots up. We need to organize in every state and every zip code if we’re going to win — not just at election time, but all year round.

Grassroots supporters like you power our party, and because you’re so critical to our success, I wanted to make sure you were one of the first to know some big news.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Jess O’Connell will be the next CEO of the Democratic Party. join me in welcoming her to our team.

As I’ve traveled and met with Democrats like you across the country, one of the things I’ve heard most is that our party needs to get back to basics — getting active in local communities and talking about our values and vision for the future of our nation.

There’s no one better than Jess O’Connell to help us do it.

Jess is coming to us from EMILY’s List, where she’s led that organization to historic success and helped Democrats achieve some of our brightest electoral victories over the past four years.

Jess has helped elect the most diverse Congress in history — including quadrupling the number of women of color in the Senate — and has built programs to elect hundreds of Democratic women to state and local offices around the country.

I know that Jess can help us fulfill the vision that all of us have for the Democratic Party because she’s a grassroots organizer at her core. And I’m confident that she can communicate our party’s message of opportunity and inclusion to voters in every corner of every state because she’s lived it, both through her lifelong work to advance progressive policies that help working families and because she’ll be stepping into her new role as the first openly LGBT person to run the Democratic Party.

Michael, we have some immensely important work ahead of us. We’ve all witnessed the chaos and harm that Donald Trump and the GOP have inflicted on working families.

It’s on all of us to turn our party around and get back on track so we can win elections this year, in 2018, and beyond. With Jess at the helm, I know we will.

Sign our card today to welcome Jess, and let her know we’re ready to get to work:

Thanks — now let’s get to it. We’ve got a lot to do, but I know there’s a bright future ahead for Democrats.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee