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I’ll try to keep this quick.

Last month, we found out that my opponent David Valadao out-raised us with help from over $60,000 in corporate PAC checks.

Then last week, we got word that Rep. Devin Nunes threw a big fundraiser for Valadao in Washington DC. That event occurred just days after a Nunes aide tried to expose the Ukraine Whistleblower’s identity to Donald Trump.

It’s not just that Valadao has been relentless in his cash grab to retake this seat. It’s that, instead of confronting the corruption of Trump and his allies, he’s quietly benefitting from them.

That is not what elective office should be about. But it’s what I’m up against in 2020. And it’s why I am asking for your support:

Can you chip in $10 to keep CA-21 blue? Unlike Valadao, I’m refusing corporate PAC money. That means I’m depending on you to keep up in fundraising so we can win this race.

The type of campaign being run by Valadao is everything people hate about politics. He’s silent on the issues, but eager behind closed doors with the donor elites.

I made a pledge early on to fund this campaign differently — with support from folks like you. But that makes you an integral part of what we’re trying to accomplish. And it means from time to time I’ll need to ask:

Can you donate $10 to make sure we have the resources to defeat Valadao and the special interests lined up behind him? Your support is critical.

Thanks for everything,

TJ Cox


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