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TJ Cox for Congress

“Trump announces $12 million dollar bailout of American farmers – why the trade war he started to help them, now requires taxpayers to save them”
– The New York Times Podcast, The Daily

SIGN ON: Tell Trump to end his tariffs and stop the trade war >>

This is incredibly frustrating, Michael.

Trump just announced plans to spend $12 billion to bail out farmers — including those in the Central Valley — from the devastation his trade war has created. That’s right — he’s sending in relief for a problem he caused but refuses to fix.

Trump and his team may be touting this bailout as an act of heroism, but this policy is nothing more than a band-aid on a deep wound that Trump should have never created in the first place.

Our farmers deserve better. Sign this petition now to tell Trump to call off his trade war >>

Central Valley farmers don’t need bailouts, they need overseas markets to the sell their products in. There are no winners in a trade war, and until Trump ends these disastrous tariffs — our farmers will continue to suffer.

We need to make our voices heard >>