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Donald Trump announced today that he is repealing the Obamacare rule that requires insurance plans cover birth control for women. This is an outrageous move that hurts women – and their partners – in order to satisfy hypocritical right-wing men who can’t escape their deluded, archaic views on women.

We, as Democrats, have to stand up and fight back against this ridiculous and sexist rule change. Please join me in adding your name to our petition urging California’s Members of Congress to restore the birth control coverage requirement for private insurance.

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Women deserve to have control over their healthcare decisions, and that includes the decision of whether or not to become pregnant. This rule change may satisfy some of Trump’s most extremist and anti-Women supporters, but it will only hurt millions of American women, their partners and their families.

Please add your name to our petition fighting back against this latest assault on women’s rights. When we make our voices heard, we can protect the gains we’ve made and make new progress for women.

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Democratically Yours,

Jenny Bach, Secretary
California Democratic Party