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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Embargoed for Release at 6;00PM PDT today:

Sierra Forward Endorses Jessica Morse for Congress in the 4th CD

For more information contact:                                                                     Les Francis, Sierra Forward Campaign Manager


                                     Phone; 202-744-6822

Emphasizing the need to unify and get on with the task of defeating five-term Congressman and lifelong politician Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove), Sierra Forward today announced its support for the Democratic frontrunner, Jessica Morse, of Pollock Pines.

Rochelle Wilcox (of Roseville), herself a candidate in the 4th district until she suspended her campaign late last year and who is now a member of the Sierra Forward Leadership Team, says of Ms. Morse, “Jessica’s character was revealed at a young age, when she committed her life to service. First, she traveled to Nepal and Ethiopia to help improve the lives of people there. Then she joined US AID, to support its critical mission in war-torn Iraq. After that, she went to graduate school studying ways that America can play a constructive role in the world, and then gained a prestigious fellowship advising our military in the Pacific. She has done more for our country and humanity in the past fifteen years than most people do in a lifetime.”

Wilcox went on to blast Republicans in control of Congress, saying that, “They have rammed through a billionaires’ tax cut, ignored our desperate need for infrastructure spending, sabotaged the Affordable Care Act, started to sell off treasured public lands, opened the gateway to expanded off-shore drilling and reduced protection of our shores and waterways. To reverse these outrages and prevent future assaults on our way of life, we need to put Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives.”

Declaring that “Sierra Forward’s commitment to change is stronger than ever,” former Regina Bateson supporter, contributor and fundraiser Corley Phillips of Granite Bay, who now heads Sierra Forward’s Finance Committee, continued “California is under attack by both the White House and Congress, and McClintock is aiding and abetting that effort.  It’s time we got better representation for the 4th district!” Phillips went on to warn, however, that “We won’t be able to do that if we continue to fight among ourselves. It is time to unite and to get on with the task of beating Tom McClintock! That is why I am in support of Sierra Forward’s decision to fully embrace Jessica Morse’s candidacy for Congress.”

Reflecting her years as a progressive political activist, including service as Bob Derlet’s campaign manager in his race for Congress in 2016, Kate Scott (Lincoln), Vice Chair of Sierra Forward, declared, “Democrats are bound together by values that matter to us—equal opportunity for all, health care as a right, clean air and water, and a government that works for all of us. Sometimes we argue about how best to achieve those goals, but we never abandon those values.” Turning to the 2018 midterm election, Ms. Scott said, “We have new excitement and more energy this year. And we have unanimous agreement on the need to replace Tom McClintock, and to send him back to Southern California. For that reason, I am delighted that Sierra Forward has decided to get behind Jessica Morse at this early juncture and to give her the boost that will help put her over the top on June 5.”

“We all recognize that winning in this district won’t be easy,” said Sierra Forward’s Campaign Manager, Les Francis (Camino), but we have research that shows it is entirely possible—only 35% of district voters support the reelection of the incumbent; volunteer support for the effort is greater than anyone has ever seen before. It is doable.” He then added, “But the sooner we get on with the campaign against McClintock the better. The longer the intramural fight continues, the more negativity that gets injected into the conversation, the tougher our task becomes. It is time to end the division and it is time to unite behind Jessica Morse. She is the endorsed candidate. She is the best candidate. And she will be the winning candidate!”

Sierra Forward is a ten county, congressional district-wide campaign organization devoted solely to defeating Rep. McClintock and replacing him with a Democrat. Because of its work, and the strength of Ms. Morse’s campaign to date, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), has elevated the 4th district race to its list of targeted campaigns in California.