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“Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.” – Joe Biden

The federal budget is a reflection of our values — and if the Trump administration had their way, our country would put no value in public health, public safety, or public education.

Your family will suffer if the budget released by the White House is enacted. It is designed to hurt the most vulnerable in our society, from our children to college students, seniors and workers, and everyone in between. It weakens our country and puts your future at risk, so we can give tax breaks to corporations and pay for a multi-billion dollar border wall we don’t need.

Please make a contribution of $38 to our campaign to elevate the voices of those who will be hurt most if this devastating budget is signed into law. It’s on us to share their stories in this moment.

No one can argue with a straight face that we will be made stronger with cuts to meals for seniors, scientific research focused on curing cancer, support for farmers, affordable housing, or financial assistance to students and the working poor.

That’s why Kamala is working hard in Washington to defeat this budget proposal. Those who will be hurt most by this budget – the majority of Americans – are counting on us. We need to stand up for them.

All our best,

Kamala HQ