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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


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Word on the street is that Wall Street is extremely worried about Elizabeth becoming president. Take a look at this CNBC headline from this morning:

Cramer: Wall Street executives are saying Elizabeth Warren's 2020 bid has 'got to be stopped'

Ready to elect a president who fights for the middle class, not Wall Street? Click here to chip in and own a piece of this grassroots movement.

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According to the article, Wall Street executives believe “it would be a suboptimal situation for the banks” if Elizabeth were to win the Democratic nomination.

It could be because Elizabeth has taken on the big banks and Wall Street CEOs before, and won.

Maybe they’re scared of Elizabeth’s plan to stop Wall Street from looting our economy. Or her proposal for an Ultra-Millionaire Tax, which would pay for Universal Child Care and early education, canceling student loan debt, universal free two-year and four-year public college and technical school, and then some.

Or maybe it’s because Elizabeth’s plans will put American workers ahead of corporate profits and bonuses.

Whatever has them nervous, this headline says that we’re doing everything right. They want our movement to stop. But it’s only growing stronger.

Elizabeth is running to be the best president that their money can’t buy. And her ideas for big, structural change have Wall Street executives shaking in their freshly polished leather shoes. They know we can win. But we can’t do this without you.

Will you chip in $3 for the first time to support Elizabeth’s plans to end Wall Street’s stranglehold on our economy and show that this movement will not stop?

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