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The middle class is shrinking and income inequality is skyrocketing, which is why we need to support leaders who have been fierce advocates for policies that will build an economy that works for everyone.

My colleague, Senator Sherrod Brown, has been a reliable progressive leader who challenged Wall Street when they came after homeowners and wrecked our economy.

That’s why special interest groups spent $40 million to defeat him in 2012, and why he’s a top target of the Trump administration. Losing his voice would be devastating to everything we believe in, which is why I’m asking you to dig deep and help him today:

Can you rush an urgent contribution to Sherrod Brown to ensure he has the resources to build a winning campaign?

If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


There’s nothing Donald Trump and the Republicans would like more than to silence advocates for real economic justice — like Sherrod Brown in 2018.

That’s why your contribution to his campaign is so important. By supporting Sherrod (and others like him), we build a stronger movement that has the power to not only fight back against the destructive agenda of the Trump Administration, but to articulate a vision of an economy that will allow millions of Americans a middle-class life, no matter where they live.

Remember, nothing is impossible when we come together in pursuit of justice and equality. Your contribution — no matter how small — has the power to make an incredible difference. Add one today:

Fight on,

– Kamala