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*** Betty Yee has been endorsed for State Controller by the CDP ***

Betty Yee for State Controller

I am honored by the numerous endorsements I have earned for my re-election campaign from organizations that stand up for workers, women, our environment, and more, and from elected and civic leaders throughout California.  Heading into these 2018 elections, all of us are surrounded by a noisy world of 24-hour reports of “news,” quick sound bites of “information,” and higher decibel “conversations” that are intended to energize yet mostly mask what is important.

So imagine my surprise when I read the following message I recently received:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Betty Yee during her first campaign for State Controller.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time she greeted me after her election.  Unlike many candidates whose personal attention lasts until they get your vote, Betty’s did not diminish in the least.  If anything, her sincerity, consideration and ability to listen has increased during her tenure in office.  I also know this story is not unique to me.  I have heard similar accounts from others.  I am honored to endorse her again to continue as our State Controller.”  Barbara Nelson, Assembly District 65 Delegate     

Please join Barbara Nelson in supporting my re-election by contributing $10, $25, or $50 so I may continue to listen and learn what is top of mind for Californians in all regions of our state during these noisy, uncertain times.

Thank you.



Betty T. Yee