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*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

I am so excited and honored to announce that Senator Barbara Boxer has endorsed our campaign for a better, stronger California!

Senator Boxer has been a bold and fearless leader and a champion for our environment, affordable healthcare, and women and families. She has never wavered from taking on the toughest fights head-on.

My first job after business school was working for the California Democratic Party in 1992, when we turned California blue and elected both Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to the U.S. Senate. These women are history makers, and it means so much to me to have both of these incredible leaders behind this campaign.

Heading into the summer, we are continuing to build incredible momentum behind this campaign. From women’s groups, to organizations fighting for equality, to teachers, our County Captains, and courageous leaders throughout this great state, this growing, powerful coalition is going to help propel us to victory on Election Day in November.

And yet, the foundation of this campaign is all of you who continue to support us and spread the word about our message and work engaging voters in all 58 counties. Thank you!