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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Coming out of convention, I am so honored and energized by the activists and leaders who continue to show their commitment to California values: uplifting economies throughout the state, creating good paying jobs and protecting our healthcare and access to affordable education.

I’m thankful for the passionate reception by party goers and pundits alike who share our vision of taking a different road, one that will make us the land of opportunity for everyone.

But don’t take it from me, see the buzz for yourself!


The California state treasurer and 2018 gubernatorial candidate was once viewed as a policy wonk so in love with percentages and numbers that he was once described as “human melatonin” as a public speaker. No more. Chiang has gone to work, gotten some coaching, or something: He tackled rounds of press interviews this weekend, in which reporters noted an engaged, impassioned new style, that included self-depreciating humor – and good sound bites. Impressive.”

– Politico

“Insiders see Chiang as the sleeper candidate in the race. He’s raised nearly $5 million so far, second only to Newsom…”

 -San Francisco Chronicle

“‘Together we will propose a different road for California,’ Chiang said to applause from the delegates attending the California Democratic Party convention.” 

– Los Angeles Times

Will you join my campaign with a contribution of $5 or more today? Every dollar will make a difference and help me to amplify my message for California.


Your contribution will help us show the widespread support that I have for Governor.







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