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Kamala Harris

I wanted to take a second this morning to share my thoughts with you on Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. It’ll only take a quick moment and I hope you’ll read them, take action, and then forward this email to ask your friends to do the same.

Make no mistake: climate change is real. The science is undeniable. That’s why Donald Trump’s reasoning for withdrawing is so irrational. Corporate greed and science fiction should never influence public policy.

Make no mistake: no responsible government official would recommend abandoning the world community on climate change. Our obligation, both as a global leader and as the planet’s second largest polluter, is to combat this threat to public health and safety here at home, and abroad.

I’m proud that California will be one of the first to pick up the torch and join the Paris Climate Agreement despite Trump’s decision. No state has a bigger role to play in addressing this crisis than ours, and it’s no surprise that our state’s leaders are already hard at work.

Now we must organize together in this moment to ensure other state and local governments do the same:

Sign my petition encouraging state and local governments to join the Paris Climate Agreement in resistance to Trump >>

Since we cannot formally exit the agreement until November of 2020, there is still time to undo this damage. Every election is now a referendum on climate change and we must do everything in our power to elect candidates who will stand with us in combating this global emergency.

Together, I’m convinced America can meet the challenge of climate change head-on. It’s up to our generation to do what is necessary and secure a safe, healthy future for our kids and grandkids.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

P.S. I’m mindful in this moment that the worst effects of Trump’s decisions will not be felt by those in power who made it. People of color and those experiencing poverty in this country are more likely to live near coal plants and have higher asthma rates than the average American. It’s only going to get worse unless we do something about it. Sign our petition to local and state governments today >>