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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



San Joaquin County and Monterey County Central Committees and 13 Local Activist Groups
across the State Want Ellis for Chair

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Contact: 510-560-3704

Oakland, CALIF. (April 11, 2017): Monterey County and San Joaquin County Central Committees, along with thirteen Democratic groups across California, add their endorsement behind Kimberly Ellis’ campaign for Chair of the California Democratic Party. As evidenced by the 19-3 vote by the Monterey County Central Committee to endorse Ellis over her opponent, the enthusiasm gap among the two campaigns’ supporters continues to widen, with Ellis enjoying the organizing passion from a fired-up base of delegates.

“Smaller, rural counties are often ignored by our leaders in Sacramento. One candidate for CDP has stated Tuolumne County is a Republican county, never to be won by a Democrat and is not worth Party efforts or funding efforts to promote candidates running for office. The other candidate believes all counties matter and believes grassroots efforts are the key to being a strong Democrat state. Kimberly Ellis is that candidate,” said Debi Baron and Barbara Farkas, Democratic Women’s Coalition of Tuolumne County Co-chairs.

They continued, “Kimberly has demonstrated her commitment to being a voice for every single one of us, rural or not. That’s why the women of the Democratic Women’s Coalition of Tuolumne County unanimously voted to endorse Kimberly Ellis in the race for CDP chair. Politics as usual doesn’t work for us anymore.”

In addition to the Central Committees, the most recent endorsements include:
Democrats of Corona-Norco Club
Yes We Can Democratic Club – Long Beach
Democratic Club of Greater Tracy
Democratic Women’s Club of San Diego County
Democratic Women’s Coalition of Tuolumne County
Blue Revolution AD 70
AD 35 Progressive Slate
Progressive Democrats of the Monterey Area Chapter
Morongo Basin Democratic Club
Wellstone Renewal Democratic Club (East Bay)
San Bernardino County Young Democrats
Nevada County Democratic Women’s Club
Monterey County Democratic Women’s Club




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