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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

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San Diego CityBeat Endorses Dave Jones for Attorney General

The San Diego CityBeat weekly magazine endorsed Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones for Attorney General on Wednesday, becoming the latest publication to throw its support behind Jones.

The SD Beat, which has a circulation of 50,000 readers across San Diego County, agrees with Jones that current Appointed Attorney General Xavier Becerra has not been carrying out important responsibilities of the office of Attorney General.

Read the editorial: “On the one hand, there’s nothing particularly disagreeable about incumbent (well, of sorts) Xavier Becerra… [but] it’s a bit telling that he failed to secure his own party’s nomination at the Democratic State Convention a few months ago, while his Democratic opponent, Dave Jones, actually secured more delegate votes. [We] agree with Jones that there’s more to the job than resistance in the form of lawsuits [against the Trump administration]. There needs to be more done when it comes to enforcing environmental regulations, gun laws and the opioid crisis.”

“Dave Jones, who has served two terms as insurance commissioner and leads a consumer protection agency, is a fresh candidate with strong ideals and ideas.”

The San Diego CityBeat joins the Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, East Bay Times, Modesto Bee, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and San Francisco Bay Guardian as publications that have given their support to Jones in the Attorney General race.

“News publications, such as the San Diego CityBeat, do their homework and provide well-informed recommendations to California voters ahead of this crucial election,” Jones said. “I’m thrilled to have the support of the San Diego CityBeat and thankful that it understands in addition to suing Trump there are other important responsibilities of the Attorney General that are not getting done.”