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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Sacramento and Tuolumne County Central Committees and 7 Local Activists Groups
Continue Trend of Backing Ellis for CDP Chair with Overwhelming Vote

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OAKLAND, Calif. (April 18, 2017): In her bid to be the next Chair of the California Democratic Party (CDP), Kimberly Ellis continues to pick up endorsements from central committees around the State, including the addition of Sacramento and Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committees.

Ellis is enjoying wide support from county level Democratic delegates, as evidenced by the decisive vote of 31 to 17 in Sacramento and 15 to 1 in Tuolumne. These wide margins are consistent with the 19 to 3 vote from Monterey County, 23 to 3 from Santa Cruz County, and 13 to 4 from San Joaquin County, as well as the unanimous endorsement of the Madera County Central Committee.

“Kimberly Ellis continues to prove that she’s with those of us on the ground doing the day-to-day organizing of the party. Our central committee members know that she will continue the work of John Burton and bring the CDP back to its roots,” said Tamie Dramer, Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Sacramento County. “Kimberly doesn’t pay lip service to the important role central committees play in getting out the vote. She knows our value and has a plan to leverage our collective energies so that we have victories at the ballot box.”

“Kimberly has earned the trust of our central committee members. As you can see by our vote, we think she’s exactly the kind of Chair we need right now and for tomorrow,” said Sharon Marovich, Chair for over 25 years of the Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee. “It’s easy to win in big urban, blue districts. But for those of us here in Tuolumne, it’s a vastly different landscape. Kimberly thinks we’re worth fighting for and refuses to write off our red, rural district; it’s one of the main reasons so many delegates are supporting her.  She’s right for our district; she’s right for our state; and she’s right for our party. Kimberly has truly listened and developed a plan to address our concerns. We proudly put our name behind her.”

Ellis also proudly announces the continued support from local activists groups with the endorsements of:
City of Alameda Democratic Club
Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club of San Diego County
Mill Valley Community Action Network
Porterville Democratic Club
Silicon Valley African American Democratic Coalition
Santa Clara County Democratic Club
Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento Count

“I’m honored to have such strong support from our activists, Democratic clubs and the Sacramento and Tuolumne Central Committee members. It takes grit, stamina and courage to be on the front lines in our contested districts. As they continue our battle to gain or hold seats, I will always have their backs. It takes time and treasure to win in our purple, red and rural counties, and I plan to invest in all of them,” said Ellis.

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