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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.




LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn Gives Rousing Remarks on CDP Vice Chair Alex Rooker’s Behalf



LOS ANGELES, CA– Providing yet another spark of momentum to her already-dominant campaign, last week California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker secured the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party in her reelection bid, securing the support of roughly 90% of the delegates in attendance. Before the vote, Los Angeles County Supervisor and former Congresswoman Janice Hahn gave a stirring speech touting Rooker’s unyielding passion and decades of service.

In urging her support for Rooker’s campaign, Hahn remarked:

“At a time with so much fear and anxiety, both here in Los Angeles and across our nation stemming from Donald Trump’s White House — I have to tell you — I’m more glad than ever to be here in California, and particularly here in deep blue Los Angeles.

Now I’m not here to talk about how horrifying this President and his agenda are — I’m here to talk to you about my good friend, Alex Rooker.  As you know, she’s running for re-election to be our Democratic Party’s Vice Chair. I can tell you from personal experience how she’s proven herself as a fearless leader for Democrats who is deeply committed to electing people from our Party.

During my race for Congress, back in the 2011 Special Election, in the very first ever top-two jungle primary, Alex knew how high the stakes were for us Democrats.

Some of you might not recall that race — but it was the only campaign in America at the time and so we were getting national attention. I was running against a right-wing Tea Party-er who was also a self-funding multi-millionaire.

It was a tough, hard-fought campaign, and Alex knew it. She also knew just how critical it was that we kept the seat for Democrats, and so she flew down to LA, on her own dime, week after week, and helped us on the campaign trail, reaching out to Democrats, energizing and recruiting delegates and activists to volunteer, and ensuring that the state Party was actively engaged, helping us raise money and get as many volunteers as possible.

This is just one Alex Rooker story, and I know there are hundreds more stories across the state. But if you aren’t familiar with this story, I encourage you to look up Alex’s story. She immigrated here to the US and became a citizen in her 30s.

Alex is truly an embodiment of the American Dream and an unyielding activist whose passion for serving her working class and immigrant communities is palpable just talking to her. For decades, Alex has given back to her communities, demonstrating her commitment to progressive values by her continuous efforts to fight for a better quality of life for hard working Californians across the state.

Alex hasn’t just talked the talk about working to elect Democrats; she’s walked the walk. Her leadership abilities have been recognized by her fellow Democratic leaders, as she currently serves as the Treasurer of the Association of State Democratic Chairs and she’s on her second bout as a member of the DNC transition team, previously serving after Howard Dean became DNC Chair.

Alex Rooker is a tried and true grassroots leader, and she’s my choice for Female 1st Vice Chair for the California Democratic Party. I urge you to support her.”

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