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Today we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, a landmark decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court protecting women’s right to abortion. We can be proud of all that we have accomplished in California thus far and reflect on the obstacles we have yet to overcome.

Under Trump’s Administration, now more than ever we must fight to protect Roe vs. Wade and ensure that women have access to a full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion.

I am proud of my record of standing up for women’s rights and I am proud of having been honored by Planned Parenthood for my consistent leadership in advancing women’s reproductive rights. I have a 100% pro-choice voting record with Planned Parenthood and do not endorse candidates who would use their elected or appointed position to undermine choice.

As Attorney General I will continue to defend women’s rights, and fight any and all actions of the Trump Administration to undermine those rights.

So, today, let’s not only celebrate Roe vs. Wade but stand together in solidarity and fight for not only what we have achieved so far, but make greater strides to achieve universal healthcare coverage in California that expands access to quality reproductive healthcare services to all women.



California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General